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About app

The simple and intuitive app is designed for managing parking spaces and keeping a record of parked vehicles. The application offers EET support including printing of receipts, so it is possible to accept payment in cash or by card via a terminal, which is also available for purchase.

You can use EcoPARKING on Android devices and always have parking management at your fingertips. You will have a perfect overview of the parking lot's occupancy, parked vehicles and issued receipts.
The connection to the EET system will also ensure easy work with accounting.

The app does much of the work for you, so you can focus on customer care

You will not have to worry about recording the arrival and departure of vehicles, you will have an absolute overview of available parking spaces and thanks to the central database, the parking manager can access the necessary information at any time and from anywhere.

You can get the app including the high-end V2 terminal
for EUR 390 excluding VAT

Option of a service contract at a price of EUR 120 per year
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Great features

System users are divided into three groups, which have different permissions to work with the application.
These groups are divided into Administrator, Guard, Client

The administrator full rights and can interfere with all application settings

The guard is the parking lot attendant and thus has access to vehicle registration, payment listing and checking of parked vehicles.

The client has access to the current statistics and status of their account

Clients are generated a ticket with a barcode that is machine readable. The security guards can easily find out the time of arrival and can assess the payment or a possible fine.


Client - EcoPARK
regular client

A client who does not visit the car park regularly.

Resident - EcoPARK

Regular visitor to the car park.

vip - EcoPARK

Parking client who has above-standard services.

Application samples

The app is very intuitive and anyone can learn how to use it. The security guard can see the current occupancy of the entire parking lot and can thus correctly direct new vehicles. The number of vehicles already parked can be entered into the app at the start of a shift, solving the problem of overnight parking. The advantage of the whole system is that it works with one central database, so it is possible to use multiple devices for one parking lot that will work together.
The application can be connected to your existing in-house system upon agreement.

Who uses the application

Public and private parking lots, parking houses, one-off parking lots for events.
With our app you can handle all this faster and with an accurate record of everything that is happening.

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Martin Krásný

CMS – Conclusive Method of Solution, s.r.o.

„The Ekobit company provides us with the operation and servicing of the parking system at the ŠKODA Museum car park, which exactly suits our needs and is the only one of its kind on the market. We value our cooperation with Ekobit in several respects, but the most important is their personal, individual and friendly approach.“

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